Zeszyt / Issue 17 (2013)

Authors: Marek Tańczyk, Manfred Jaschik, Krzysztof Warmuziński, Aleksandra Janusz-Cygan

Keywords: adsorption of water vapour, zeolite adsorbents, carbon dioxide abatement

Abstract: Experimental results are presented of the adsorption equilibria of water vapour over zeolite molecular sieves 13X (Molsiv and Grace) which may be used in the separation of CO2 from flue gas streams. It is found that water vapour is the strongest adsorbing species among the main components of the flue gas. It is also concluded that the H2O isotherms are strongly non-linear, so that even very small amounts of water vapour in a separated flue gas stream may significantly reduce CO2 sorption capacity of the two adsorbents studied.

Authors: Grażyna Bartelmus, Anna Szczotka, Rafał Sarzyński, Mieczysław Jaroszyński, Hanna Kolarczyk

Keywords: xylenes, air purification, fixed bed bioreactors

Abstract: Critical review of literature data concerning problem of xylenes removal from air by means of fixed bed bioreactor is presented. The influence of some important parameters (inlet pollutant load, residence time, liquid mass flow rate, presence of another pollutant, mineral medium composition) on elimination capacity (EC) or removal efficiency (RE) is described. For discussed literature studies operational parameters, bioreactor configuration and construction, type of packing material and type of microorganisms employed are provided.

Authors: Katarzyna Maresz, Janusz Malinowski, Klaudia Odrozek, Agnieszka Koreniuk, Julita Mrowiec-Białoń, Andrzej B. Jarzębski

Keywords: arenesulphonic-functionalized MCF, acetic acid esterification, kinetic model

Abstract: The esterification of acetic acid with methanol was studied in the presence of heterogeneous acidic catalyst - sulfonic acid functionalized silica mesoporous cellular foam (MCF) in order to determine its potentials. The effects of catalyst loading, molar ratio of substrates and temperature on the reaction rate were discussed. The kinetic model for this reaction was proposed.

Authors: Adam Rotkegel, Zenon Ziobrowski, Roman Krupiczka

Keywords: carbon dioxide absorption, ionic liquids (ILs)

Abstract: The experimental results of equilibrium capacity of carbon dioxide absorption in ionic liquid [bmim][Ac] are presented. Experiments were performed in bubbling apparatus in temperature range 20-60°C. Measured equilibrium carbon dioxide absorption capacities are comparable with those obtained for aqueous MEA solutions used in industry. With rising temperature the higher values of absorption rates and lower equilibrium CO2 absorption capacities were obtained.

Authors: Marzena Iwaniszyn, Joanna Łojewska, Andrzej Kołodziej

Keywords: CFD modeling, heat transfer, flow resistance, short-channel structures

Abstract: Effect of the internal geometry of catalytic reactor capillary channels have been studied by means of numerical simulations. ANSYS FLUENT software was applied for carrying the analysis out. The temperature and pressure distribution for different channel lengths and cross-sectional shapes were pre-sented.

Authors: Anna Pawlaczyk, Krzysztof Gosiewski

Keywords: kinetics, reaction mechanism, monolith, thermal combustion, methane

Abstract: The paper presents results of kinetic studies of noncatalytic combustion of lean methane - air mixtures in monolith bed in a wide range of temperatures being carried out within PhD Thesis.The study reveals an influence of size, type of monolith’s surface and temperature in combustion zone on the reaction mechanism and its kinetics. A hypothesis that the share of combustion type: heterogeneous with surface effect (on the monolith’s wall) and homogeneous (in the free space) depends on the temperature in the combustion zone was formulated. The appropriate kinetic equations were estimated.

Authors: Marcin Piątek, Marzena Iwaniszyn, Anna Gancarczyk, Bożena Janus, Tadeusz Kleszcz, Joanna Kryca, Franciszek Owczarek, Joanna Łojewska, Andrzej Kołodziej

Keywords: Metal foam, flow resistance, transport coefficients, foam morphology

Abstract: Flow resistance and transport properties for air flow through metallic NiCr foam were experimentally studied. The foam was considered as a catalyst carrier in structured reactors. Heat transfer coefficients were determined by foam heating by electric current flowing directly through it. Mass transfer coefficiants were determined based on the Chilton-Colburn analogy. The results were compared with packed bed and mono-lithic reactor.

Authors: Klaudia Odrozek, Katarzyna Maresz, Agnieszka Koreniuk, Julita Mrowiec-Białoń

Keywords: arenesulphonic-functionalized MCF, acetic acid esterification, kinetic model

Abstract: Our research work was focused on selective, catalytic oxidation of glucose to gluconic acid with hydrogen peroxide as oxidant. Proposed catalysts consist of gold nanoparticles supported on alumina and titania functionalized mesoporous SBA-15 material. The catalytic activity and structural properties of obtained materials were investigated.

Authors: Anna Gancarczyk, Marcin Piątek, Mieczysław Jaroszyński

Keywords: Solid foams, two-phase flow, hydrodynamics

Abstract: The liquid holdup was determined experimentally for a trickle bed reactor with the solid foam filling. It was found that the commonly applied drainage time is too short to determine the liquid holdup properly. The liquid holdup was correlated against reactor operational parameters.

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