Current research areas

The projects carried out in the Institute centre around four major areas:

  • engineering of chemical reactors and catalyting processes
  • energy-efficient separation techniques (pressure-swing and temperature-swing adsorption, membrane separation)
  • selected problems of environmental protection (abatement of SO2, CO2 and CH4 emissions, renewable energy sources, bioprocess engineering)
  • preparation and engineering of nanoporous materials

A detailed description of the projects is presented in sections dealing with the individual research groups. In principle, these projects have to fulfill (and often reconcile) a number of conditions:

  • be in line with major research targets as defined by the various national and European bodies
  • combine utility with an advanced theoretical approach
  • form a part of a wider research programme realized by Polish or international consortia.

Apart from research per se, the Institute has been engaged in a number of international initiatives aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions. Some of the Institute’s staff coauthored the IPCC Special Report on Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage, sit on the Executive Committee of the IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme, and participate in the activities of the European Technology Platform on Zero-Emission Fossil—Fuel Power Plants. This, combined with the past and present involvement in European framework projects, helps in guiding the Institute’s research programmes towards the most relevant objectives.

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