The Institute of Chemical Engineering was set up in 1958 as the Reasearch Centre of Chemical Engineering and Apparatus Construction of the Polish Academy of Sciences on the initiative of the late Professor Tadeusz Hobler, full member of the Academy, with the objective to conduct basic research in chemical engineering. Professor Hobler was well aware of the fact that, apart from educating specialists in this emerging discipline, it was necessary to form a sound research base that would enable both theoretical and industrial problems to be tackled with increased effectiveness.

In 1969 Professor Andrzej Burghardt takes over as Head of the Centre. Besides the research already under way, a number of new topics are initiated dealing with chemical reaction engineering. Considerable progress in the quantitative description of chemical engineering problems, the development of versatile mathematical models and the introduction of computer-based tools enabled the studies to be taken up on the rigorous optimisation of processes and plants. Attention was also focused on environmental problems (purification of gases and liquids). In 1975 the Centre moved to new premises, designed following Professor Hobler’s ideas. In 1983 it was awarded the status of an institute, under the name of the Institute of Chemical Engineering.

In 1997 one of the Institute’s staff, Prof. Jerzy Buzek, is designated as Poland’s Prime Minister. Upon serving the whole term in office, he was elected Member of the European Parliament where, among others, he acted as rapporteur for the 7th EU Framework Programme. In 2003 Prof. Krzysztof Warmuziński is appointed director of the Institute.

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