Prof. Krzysztof Warmuziński (1947-2019)

Director of the Institute from 2003 – 2019

kwarmuzinskiProfessor Krzysztof Warmuziński was born in Gliwice in 1947. In 1970 he graduated with distinction from the Department of Chemistry, Technical University in Gliwice. He completed his PhD in 1979 (with distinction), and in 1989 obtained the higher doctorate (habilitation). In 1999 the President of the Republic of Poland promoted him to full professorship, and in 2002 honoured him by the Order of Polonia Restituta.

Chronologically his principal research areas included:

  • Diffusional models for multicomponent mass transfer
  • Quantitative description of surface phenomena accompanying mass transport and chemical reaction
  • The principles of modelling and optimisation of gas permeation
  • Comprehensive modelling of pressure swing adsorption in multi-layer and multi-column systems
  • Utilization of methane associated with coal mining for the production of energy in reverse-flow reactors

In 1982-1983 Prof. Krzysztof Warmuziński stayed with the Department of Chemical Engineering, Birmingham University, as an honorary research fellow. He was visiting professor at universities in Buffalo, Seattle, Madrid and Fukuoka; he also gave lectures at Dortmund University and Waseda University in Tokyo.


Since 1997 Prof. Krzysztof Warmuziński has been active in various initiatives aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions. He participated in the preparation of the IPCC Special Report on Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage, has been a long-time member of the Executive Committee of the IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme and of the European Technology Platform on Zero—Emission Fossil-Fuel Power Plants. He headed Polish groups participating in European Framework projects; he has also been busy as an expert evaluating research proposals both at home and for the European Commission. His scientific output includes almost two hundred articles, monographs and conference papers.

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