Zeszyt / Issue 22 (2018)

Autorzy: Andrzej Burghardt

Słowa kluczowe: biochemical process, three-phase reactor, diffusional flux, laminar flow

Abstrakt: In the capillary model randomly packed bed of the reactor is modeled as a set of parallel, straight capillary tubes, with dimensions in the range of millimeters. For such a geometry of the bed momentum balances of the fluid phases (gas and liquid) have been derived forming the basis for the estimation of velocity profiles and in consequence to determine the relationship between the film thickness of the gravitationally drained downward liquid and the process variables. This quantity was subsequently used in the evaluation of the effective porosity and specific surface area of the packing, parameters necessary in the balances of reagents. The set of partial differential equations constituting the mass balances of reagents in the phases determines the concentration profiles of these components and as a final result the biodegradation efficiency of the pollutant. The mass transport between the phases is realized only as a diffusional flux which is justified by the assumption of a laminar flow of the phases.

Autorzy: Andrzej Noworyta, Maciej Wajsprych

Słowa kluczowe: multifunctional reactors, processes integration

Abstrakt: In the study, typical cases of multifunctional reactor were analyzed. Advantages and difficulties that eventuate from the process application and evaluation criteria with the most application potential cases were indicated.

Autorzy: Mateusz Prończuk, Katarzyna Bizon, Bolesław Tabiś

Słowa kluczowe: fluidization, hybrid airlift apparatus, Peclet number

Abstrakt: This paper presents the results of experimental research concerning determination of Peclet number for selected zones of a hybrid fluidized-bed airlift apparatus with external liquid circulation. For this aim, the tracer stimulus-response experiments were carried out. Peclet number was then determined using the method of moments and optimization algorithm coupled with the one-dimensional dispersion model.

Autorzy: Szymon Skoneczny

Słowa kluczowe: fluidized-bed bioreactor, biofilm detachment, mathematical modeling

Abstrakt: Steady-state characteristics of a three-phase fluidized-bed bioreactor was determined with the use of three biofilm detachment models. Simulations were carried out for two chosen microbiological processes. It was shown that depending on the accepted quantitative description of biofilm detachment, quantitative or qualitative differences occur in the steady-state characteristics of the bioreactor.

Autorzy: Marek Tańczyk, Manfred Jaschik, Krzysztof Warmuziński, Aleksandra Janusz-Cygan, Jolanta Jaschik, Artur Wojdyła, Elżbieta Sołtys

Słowa kluczowe: pressure swing adsorption, membrane separation, ventilation air methane (VAM)

Abstrakt: In this study the enrichment of methane in ventilation air by pressure swing adsorption (PSA) and by membrane separation was investigated theoretically. In the case of the PSA process, which uses Takeda G2X7/12 activated carbon, the impact of various process parameters on the concentration of CH4 in the enriched gas and methane recovery was determined. It was found that the PSA process can provide a gaseous stream containing ~1 vol. % of CH4 with a high methane recovery (~90%). Such a stream may be used in lean-fuel turbines. In the case of the membrane process the UBE CO-C05 module was used and the relationship between the concentration of methane and its recovery, the pressure of feed gas and the permeation number was determined. It was found that in such a process the enriched stream containing ~0.5 vol. % of methane can be produced, which should ensure the recovery of heat when fed to a thermal reverse-flow reactor.

Autorzy: Wojciech Macek, Anna Gancarczyk, Marzena Iwaniszyn, Katarzyna Sindera, Mateusz Korpyś, Bogusz Stępak, Andrzej Kołodziej

Słowa kluczowe: RVC foam, computed microtomography, microscopy, laser ablation

Abstrakt: The analysis of the internal structure of RVC foams (Reticulated Vitreous Carbon) skeleton carried out by computed microtomography, did not allow to unambiguously determine to what extent their structure is discontinuous. Therefore, for more accurate observation, scanning electron microscopy and optical microscopy were used. Micro-cuts with Xenon plasma and laser ablation were also done. In addition, the topography of the breakthrough surface of the RVC foam skeleton was analyzed. On the basis of the conducted tests, it was found that the RVC foam skeleton does not show internal porosity.

Autorzy: Adam Rotkegel, Zenon Ziobrowski

Słowa kluczowe: absorption, carbon dioxide, ionic liquids

Abstrakt: The experimental results of carbon dioxide and nitrogen separation on ceramic membranes impregnated with ionic liquid [Emim][Ac] are presented. Different ceramic materials were investigated at the temperature of 20°C and at the pressures of 1-7 bar. The ionic liquid was introduced into ceramic support by coating and soaking. It was found, that prepared membranes are characterized by small mass fluxes and low selectivity.

Autorzy: Maria Kulawska, Wiesław Organek

Słowa kluczowe: enzymatic catalyst, esterification, medium-chain fatty acids, octyl alcohols

Abstrakt: Octyl esters of medium-chain fatty acids were synthesized in the presence of commercially available enzyme lipase acrylic resin as catalyst in the range of temperatures 313 K 333 K, at initial mole substrate ratio (alcohol to acid), b, 1/1, 2.5/1, 3/1, 5/1. The important advantage is relatively low reaction temperature of 323 K. High conversion of acid has been obtained and only small amounts of side products.

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