Mass transfer intensification in trickle-bed reactors

A. Gancarczyk, G. Bartelmus, A. Szczotka
Przem. Chem., 91, 2248 - 2250 (2012)

Liq.–solid mass transfer coeffs. in a trickle-bed reactor operated at a steady and periodically changing feeding of the bed with liq. were exptl. detd. to calc. the enhancement coeff. values and to assess the effect of reactor operation strategy on the intensity of the mass transfer. The change of the gas continuous flow regime into continuity shock waves regime did not improve the efficiency of the process. The results of calcn. were confirmed by testing the process of catalytic wet air oxidn. of PhOH. In the liq. induced pulsing flow regime the enhancement coeff. values were higher than one for every exptl. points.

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