Zeszyt / Issue 19 (2015)

Authors: Elżbieta Szczyrba, Joanna Kaleta, Anna Szczotka, Grażyna Bartelmus

Keywords: phenol biodegradation, Stenotrophomonas mattophilia KB2 strain, kinetics

Abstract: The biodegradation of phenol by Stenotrophomonas maltophilia KB2 strain in a batch reactor was studied. Microbial growth tests in the presence of phenol as the sole carbon and energy source were conducted for different initial concentrations of the degraded compound changed in the range 25-500 g•m-3. Haldane’s growth kinetic model was found to be the best to fit the experimental data so constants of the kinetic equation as well as yield coefficient were estimated.

Authors: Jolanta Jaschik, Manfred Jaschik, Krzysztof Warmuziński

Keywords: mineral carbonation, sequestration of CO2, industrial waste, fly ash, precipitation, calcium carbonate

Abstract: The preliminary studies of indirect aqueous carbonation process using fly ash from lignite fluidized bed combustion are presented. Leachate after the dissolution of waste of pH=13 contained 0.0535 mol•l-1 of Ca+2. The experimental research were conducted for a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide, with about 13% of CO2. After 9 minutes of conducting the process a 50 % conversion of calcium was attained, and almost 100% of carbon dioxide supplied to the reactor was captured.

Authors: Katarzyna Maresz, Agnieszka Koreniuk, Janusz J. Malinowski, Julita Mrowiec-Białoń

Keywords: Monolithic microreactors, continuous-flow process, esterification

Abstract: Continuous-flow silica monolithic microreactors functionalized with acidic centers were obtained. The monoliths exhibited different structural parameters; in particular the size of flow-through macropores. The performance of microreactors and packed bed reactors with Amberlyst 15 and silica gel with acidic centers was compared in esterification of acetic acid with butanol.

Authors: Marek Tańczyk, Manfred Jaschik, Krzysztof Warmuziński, Artur Wojdyła, Daniel Piech, Aleksandra Janusz-Cygan, Elżbieta Sołtys

Keywords: low-concentrated impurities, pressure swing adsorption, enrichment, air purification

Abstract: In the case of experimental investigations concerning methane enrichment in the air it is necessary to avoid a rise of CH4 concentration above 5 vol.% i.e. its lower explosive limit. In order to determine experimentally safe ranges of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) parameters and the maximum level of the enrichment CO2 was considered as a low-concentrated impurity in the air instead of methane because of higher adsorption capacity and selectivity towards nitrogen and oxygen in available adsorbents. Experimental results are therefore presented of the enrichment of CO2 (0.24-0.69 vol.%) mixed with the air. It was found that the concentration of carbon dioxide in a CO2-enriched stream is up to seven times higher than that in the raw gas. It was also concluded that in all experimental cases CO2 concentration in the CO2-enriched stream did not exceed 5 vol.%.

Authors: Anna Szczotka, Agnieszka Gąszczak, Hanna Kolarczyk, Rafał Sarzyński

Keywords: airlift reactor, hydrodynamics, gas holdup

Abstract: Basic types of airlift reactors are presented and hydrodynamic regimes of their operation are described. Influence of some parameters (gas and liquid velocity, reactor geometry and liquid properties) on gas holdup in airlift reactor is discussed. Results of gas holdup measurements in internal loop reactor are pre-sented.

Authors: Marcin Piątek, Marzena Iwaniszyn, Mieczysław Jaroszyński, Bożena Janus, Tadeusz Kleszcz, Anna Gancarczyk

Keywords: Solid foam, morphology, heat transport

Abstract: Metallic foams appear as promising catalyst carriers for fast catalytic reactions. They combine many beneficial properties, like large specific surface area, high porosity and relatively low pressure drop. The foams can be regarded as an intermediate between monolith and packed bed. In this paper, the heat transfer characteristic were studied for a 30 pores per inch NC 2733 and three Al foams.

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