Pracownia separacji gazów i cieczy

Head: prof. dr hab. inż. Krzysztof Warmuziński

  • Separation of gaseous mixtures using adsorption and membrane methods
  • Balance and kinetics of gas adsorption on solid and liquid adsorbers
  • Utilisation of methane releasing in the process of hard coal extraction
  • Reducing greenhouse gases emission using adsorption methods and membrane methods
  • Desulphurization of industrial waste gases
  • Modelling of multicomponent balances gas-liquid, liquid-solid body and gas-liquid-solid body
  • Crystallization
  • The Hiden Isochema gravimetric analyzer for researching balance and kinetics of sorption (including multicomponent gaseous mixtures)
  • Mass spectrometer
  • Installation for permeation process testing
  • Experimental installation of PSA
  • Experimental installation for crystallization process testing of QVF company
  • Laser diffraction particles size Mastersizer 2000, the scope of particles sizes 0.02–2000 μm, analysis in suspended solids and emulsions
  • Biolar B Microscope working together with a camera Fire-i-400 and IRIS LABORATORIUM program (a professional version) for a digital recording, archiving and analysis of microscopic images
  • Exhaust gas content analyser GA40TPlus; measurement O2, CO, SO2, NO, NO2, CO2, CH4
Research networks and organisations
  • The Silesian Centre for Advanced Technologies
  • European Technology Platform on Zero-Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants
  • IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme
  • Innovative Silesian Cluster of Pure Coal Technologies
  • Environmental Technology Verification (EU-ETV)
  • International Scientific Thematic Network for Environmental Technologies ENVITECH-NET
  • Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC)
Main achievments
  • Elaborating on the concept of intensification of the process of burning nickel catalyst carrier in a tunnel furnace.
  • Elaboration and experimental verification of the model of cell convection during the process of adsorption with a chemical reaction.
  • Elaborating on a mathematical model of separation and purification of gas mixtures with the application of pressure swing adsorption and using this model for the analysis of a number of practically important problems of separation.
  • Elaborating (together with IMN in Gliwice) on a national variant of the method of wet-limestone desulphurisation of exhaust gases; implementation of this variant in five industrial plants.
  • Elaborating (together with ER Rybnik) on a variant of a dry method with wetting of exhaust gas desulphurisation (a patent no. PL 190768); implementation of this variant in three blocks in Rybnik Power Plant.
  • Participation in elaboration of a special report IPPC Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage (Peace Nobel Prize in 2007 for IPPC).
  • Development of a hybrid adsorptive-membrane process for the efficient separation of carbon dioxide from flue gases.


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