Issue 20 (2016)

The study on the separation of methane – nitrogen mixtures in commercial membrane modules

Authors: Krzysztof Warmuziński, Manfred Jaschik, Marek Tańczyk, Artur Wojdyła, Aleksandra Janusz-Cygan, Elżbieta Sołtys

Keywords: membrane separation, commercial membrane modules, ventilation air methane

Abstract: The basic aim of this study was to analyze the possibility of using commercial membrane modules to the removal of CH4 from ventilation air methane (VAM). Experimental investigations concerning the per-meation of pure gases (CH4, N2) and mixture of these gases, in three membrane modules, ware carried out. An important conclusion is that the UBE modules may successfully be used in the enrichment of dilute mixtures of methane and nitrogen.